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lisaLisa Silveira

After a neck injury ended her dance aspirations, Lisa Silveira, continued on with her studies at New York University and earned her BA in Dramatic Literature. She became a student of The Pilates Method of Exercise in the late 1980’s and then began her training to become a teacher of the Method under the apprenticeship of master teacher Romana Kryzanowska, a first generation protégé of Joseph Pilates. Having studied dance since the age of 7, Lisa was attracted to the Pilates method’s focus on inner strength, alignment and precision, as well as to its therapeutic applications. Lisa further enhanced her training with master teacher, Bob Leikens (a Romana protégé) who’s eye for detail she greatly admired.  Lisa completed her certification for professional practice of The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning with Romana and the Pilates Guild in 1994. 

Lisa introduced the Pilates method to Nantucket Island in the summer of 1994. She then moved to Cambridge, MA and for 7 years co-ran a studio with friend and fellow classically trained teacher Martha Mason. Lisa returned to Nantucket each summer to head the Island’s only Mat class program at the Nantucket Health Club and to work with private clients. She moved back to Nantucket full-time, in 2002, and currently owns and operates Lisalates, pilates studio Nantucket.

In 2013 two of Lisa’s dearest friends introduced her to the MELT Method, revealing that it greatly benefited their Pilates students. Lisa then attended an intensive weekend workshop at Kripalu, taught by MELT’s creator, Sue Hitzmann. Captivated by Sue’s brilliant mind, her wish to learn more was ignited. Lisa then began the Method’s formal training programs and is proud to be a Formal Member of the MELT instructor team.  She now incorporates MELT techniques within her Pilates classes and offers MELT Method workshops throughout the year.

Brittany Beauchamp, Summer Guest Teacher

BrittanyBrittany first encountered Pilates twelve years ago, quite accidentally. While spending a summer in Evanston, IL on a scholarship with the renowned Gus Giordano Dance School, she discovered a small Pilates studio down the block. The street level studio boasted an entirely glass storefront and while passing one day, she looked inside to find a woman hanging upside down from the strangest looking structure she’d ever seen. Her interest peaked and a lifelong passion was born.

In 2007, Brittany completed her Classical Pilates training under Brooke Siler at re:AB Pilates in NYC. She has taught extensively in New York City, the Hamptons, London, Paris and most recently Brazil. She has nine years of experience working with a wide variety of clientele. Her teaching style is compassionate, enthusiastic, and deeply rooted the original exercises and philosophy of Joseph Pilates.

The curious spirit that led Brittany to Pilates continues to deepen her own practice and enrich her teaching. Each movement is not just an exercise, but an exploration. She is so grateful not only to be a part of her clients’ journeys toward optimal health, but that they are a part of her own.


piloPilo The resident Cat

Pilo had the wisdom to walk through The Studio doors in August of 2008. He clearly wished to call the studio his home, and took on the roll of studio watch cat!  This beautiful boy has become so much a part of our Pilates Home that students look forward to seeing him at the start of each class. Miraculously most people with cat allergies have not been bothered by him. We consider him a healer.

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