Group Classes

The Mat Work

The Mat Work is the foundation of the entire Pilates repertoire.  It is a series of exercises taught in a progressive sequence.  No equipment is needed, except for your body and a mat, and therefore, you can take it with you wherever you go!  These exercises move your body through a beautiful exploration of movement in the spine.  Within the Mat work you learn abdominal control, proper breathing, concentration, centering, precision, posture, body awareness and all of the principles at work in the Pilates Method. You gain strength and stability in the core muscles and you also acquire the flexibility that your body craves. Class size is limited so that the teacher can address the needs of every student and offer modifications or individual adjustments when necessary.

Due to the fact that Classical Mat Work progresses in stages, The Studio does not offer mixed level or drop in based classes.  In order to ensure continuation and consistency, all classes have designated levels and many require previous experience.  Classes meet twice weekly and registration is required. However, drop in status is available when space permits for devoted students with a schedule conflict or for visitors whose vacation on island is for a shorter duration.

Introductory/Beginner Course —This course starts at the beginning.  You need no prior knowledge of Pilates Mat Work, and you do not have to be ‘in shape’ before you join a class.  You are invited to come as you are! The course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the Pilates technique. You will learn the basic principles of abdominal control and breathing.  You will also learn how to create and maintain stability in your joints. The importance of concentration, posture and proper positioning while stretching are also emphasized.  Once you have these tools, and the cues that help you to find them, you will begin to learn the Pilates Beginner Mat Exercises. Because it is an educational course, questions are encouraged.

Classes meet twice a week in order for your body to more quickly assimilate the knowledge and build strength.  The course runs for approximately 8 weeks so that you can get a good base of knowledge from which to carry on to the next level, or to continue to use at home on your own.

*These classes are offered 3 times per year

Intermediate I — Students of this level have completed an introductory course or have some prior knowledge of the Pilates Mat Work.  They have mastered the basic principles of the Beginner Mat and are ready to apply what they have learned to a more challenging set of exercises. Props, such as Magic Circles, resistance bands, balls and weights are added to engage and/or support the student.

Intermediate II — Students of this level are familiar with the Intermediate Mat Work. They continue to learn additional variations of these exercises and if ready may also be introduced to the Advanced Mat Work. The pace of this level is more dynamic and an emphasis on fluidity during transitions is added. Props, such as Magic Circles, resistance bands, balls and weights are added to challenge the student.

Advanced — Advanced students have learned or are ready to learn the advanced level course work.  They are familiar with most of the variations that can be added to the work and are ready, able and willing to be thrown a curve ball in the Pilates Mat Choreography.  Exercises adapted from the apparatus, Magic Circles, resistance bands, arm weights, balls and poles may be used.

Teen Pilates - It's never too early to enjoy the benefits of this mindful method of exercise. These classes will introduce the students to the six basic principles of the Pilates Method; Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow. Students will learn essential exercises that work in all planes of movement to help create body awareness. Pilates is a wonderful way develop skills to improve focus and to learn how to listen to ones body - knowledge which is particularly valuable in preventing injury in school activities and sports. Ages: 13-17yrs

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Tower (Wall Unit) Classes

The Tower was not designed in Joseph Pilates lifetime.  It is a modern apparatus created to bring some of the more widely used Cadillac exercises into a group class setting.  The springs of the Tower help to challenge your ability to articulate and stabilize the spine. The class can be formatted in two ways; we sometimes begin with twenty minutes of Intermediate Mat work and continue with selected exercises on the Tower, or we incorporate Tower exercises into the Mat Sequence.  Because a Tower workout requires a great level of control it is offered to intermediate and advanced students only.  These classes are limited to 5 students and are offered on a pre-pay / pre-register basis only. 

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""Pilates is always the best part of my day. No matter how I feel walking into class, I always feel amazing when I leave. The wonderful energy in the studio and the level of deep core work and individualized instruction combined with Lisa's mastery of the human physiology and classical pilates itself, all lend to create an incredible environment for exercise. My flexibility, strength, energy and confidence have all changed remarkably under her skillful hands. After four years of pilates with Lisa, my only wish is that I found her years earlier!"" - Jessica

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""Lisa’s ability to recognize the body’s potential and her mastery at drawing it out of each of us make her classes both inspiring and rewarding."" - Kathryn