Fall at the Studio

It's Suddenly September!

This happens every year, but how?!  Transitioning into a new season at the studio is abrupt and difficult, so we ask everyone to have patience as we streamline the schedule to match the goings and await the comings.  Our summer students have left or are preparing to leave and we have had many tearful good-byes.  We have loved working with each and every student this year!  

Our year round students are settling their children into school and taking time to regroup from their busy summers.  We will happily welcome them whenever they are ready to return.

Sadly, we will soon wish Brittany (our summer teacher three years in a row!) bon voyage.  On September 16th she will head back to her home in Brazil.  We will all miss her very very much, but she promises to come back to her Nantucket "home" again next year!

By popular demand, we will return to the MELT/Mat 75 minute format this Fall.  All scheduled Mat Classes will be taught with the addition of 20-30 minutes of MELT techniques placed strategically before or within the Mat sequencing.  All movement becomes easier!  

Our wonderful Tower classes are still on the schedule three mornings a week and additional classes will be added as soon as we get our bearings.  Be on the look out for New Introductory Courses this Fall!