Spring at the Studio

Happy Spring to all!  Lisa has returned to the studio after her winter break, and she has placed flowers on the front porch to welcome you! We thank Amy Cabre for teaching during Lisa’s winter absence, she did a terrific job!  All those who studied with her this winter are strong, in great form and very happy! 

In early April, Lisa spent ten days in San Francisco attending a dissection lab with Gil Hedley, Ph.D., founder of Integral Anatomy Productions, LLC, and Somanautics Workshops. Gil’s labs provide the unique experience of getting a first hand, in depth look into our bodies. Inspired by her MELT work and training, Lisa’s intention was to see and better understand our complex connective tissue system.  Mission accomplished!  It was an incredible experience, one that will surely be repeated.

The 75 minute MELT/Mat format is back for this spring!  Once again the Mat classes will either begin with 20- 30 minutes of MELT work, or the MELT techniques will be integrated within the Mat class sequence.  Both options support the body to settle into a more ideal placement and to move more freely and easily through the Mat Work.

The island is transitioning from quiet to crazy and we understand that due to the intensity of summer’s work demands, our year round students may not be able to attend a complete session.  We also know that some of our summer students will be arriving somewhere in the middle of this term.  We are therefore happy to prorate the cost as necessary, we want you to feel free to join us as soon as you arrive or for as long as you can!

More classes will be added for the summer, so keep on the lookout!