Winter at the Studio

All is quiet on the island now, but a New Year is on its way!

The studio will be closing for the holidays and will reopen on January 3rd with Mat Work, Tower classes and Private instruction on the menu. During the month of January, all regularly scheduled Mat classes will continue to be taught in the MELT/Mat format. These classes are 75 minutes long and students enjoy the addition of 20 to 30 minutes of MELT movements. These techniques are placed strategically before or within the Mat sequencing. We have found that “MELTing” helps all movement become easier!

Introductory Courses are on the menu too!  Please check the Schedule and Group Class pages for details.  Due to travel and training conflicts, the studio has not been able to offer this wonderful fundamentals course for quite some time, so this is a treat!  All are welcome!

In 2018, Lisalates will be teaming up with Supta Yoga!  The first of these collaborations will be in the form of two MELT workshops held at Supta Yoga in January. Please check their Website for details.