Class Schedule

april Mat classes - registration is required

 The 75 minute MELT/Mat format is back for this session.  Once again we will either start class with 15 minutes of MELT work, or integrate it within the Mat Class sequence.  All classes are 75 minutes in length.

Mon/Wed 9:15 am Intermediate II
Mon/Wed 4:30 pm Intermediate I
Tues/Thurs 5:15 pm Advanced

Session Dates:  April 2nd – May 3rd (5 weeks)

Session Cost: $200   

Drop in :  $30 per class

Call 508.325.4300 or email to register for class.


Tower Classes - registration is required

Tuesday 8:00 am
Thursday 8:00 am

Meets 5 times each in April

Cost: $200

Call (508.325.4300) or email to register for class.

Drop-ins welcome if space allows - $45 per class


""Before I took Pilates, my back would go out annually to the point where I would be relegated to the floor for up to a week. With Pilates, my body is stronger and able to support my back, and I no longer suffer from debilitating back pain.

When I take Pilates, people are always asking me if I've lost weight when I haven't lost a pound. Pilates transforms my body in a positive way, enhances my posture, and changes the way everything falls into place for the better."" - Laura