Class Schedule

september Mat classes - registration is required

The MELT/Mat format is returning this month.  All listed Mat Classes will run for 75 minutes to accommodate preparatory MELT techniques.

Mon/Wed 9:15 am Intermediate II
Mon/Wed 4:15 pm Intermediate
Tues/Thurs 5:15 pm Advanced

Session Dates & Rates:
September 11th - 28th (3 weeks) - $150

Call 508.325.4300 or email to register for class.

Drop-in status available for all regularly scheduled classes when space permits $30 per class.

Tower classes - registration is required

Tuesday 8:00 am
Thursday 8:00 am
Friday 11:15 am

Classes are limited to 5 students and are offered on an individual basis. An Intermediate level of ability in the Mat Work is required. $55 per class.

Call 508.325.4300 or email to register for class.

""Before I took Pilates, my back would go out annually to the point where I would be relegated to the floor for up to a week. With Pilates, my body is stronger and able to support my back, and I no longer suffer from debilitating back pain.

When I take Pilates, people are always asking me if I've lost weight when I haven't lost a pound. Pilates transforms my body in a positive way, enhances my posture, and changes the way everything falls into place for the better."" - Laura