The Studio

The Studio

The goal of the studio is to create a community environment where students feel comfortable and welcome no matter what their fitness level. The spacious and natural light filled rooms create the perfect platform for students to quiet their minds and focus on movement. Numerous windows and a set of French doors invite a quintessential Nantucket landscape into view, and bird feeders help to keep the woodland birds busy and singing. Pilo, the resident cat often greets you at the front door when not busy sleeping.

The Studio is fully equipped for Mat classes, Private and Semi-private sessions. We have three Reformers, a Cadillac, four Wall Units, High and Low Chairs, all Barrels, Mats and various Small Props. The Studio prides itself on the amount of student/teacher attention that is offered in all classes. Even in group settings students receive one-on-one attention. The approach is “hands on” which means that our cueing is tactile as well as verbal. Physical adjustments are often made.

Within the studio it is not uncommon for students to hear the phrase, “This is a Lisalates exercise, not one of Joseph’s”. The ‘Lisalates’ variations have been developed over a period of years to support the proper understanding and execution of the Classical movements. This cueing is always meant to give credit and distinction to the exercises of the original Classical Method.


Our philosophy is to educate and enlighten and to retain the integrity and discipline of a beautiful method of exercise. The ability to move is a gift worth keeping, but to move well and efficiently requires knowledge, a conscious mind and a commitment to the task. We feel that, attention to detail and form is of the utmost importance. It is never about arriving at a shape, it is about the degree of skill used to get there. Each student comes into class with strengths and weaknesses which are unique to them. It is our wish to give each and every person tools and cues of support, whatever their level. Each student also has the ability to learn to move in a way that they have never been able to move before. We love to help facilitate the numerous wonderful things that happen on that journey: time moves backwards as older bodies become younger bodies, shy students become more confident, painful backs become a distant memory. It’s challenging work, of the most rewarding kind!


""Lisa Silveira has been such a blessing over the past two years.  I not only walk into each class ready to work; but ready to be a more content and centered human being.
Most importantly, I continue to learn and motivate myself and my body more each and every class!"" - Tori